VES SA - Sighisoara - enamel pots, grill hot, Stoves, Fireplaces

Shop furnaces and fireplaces
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Prometheus took the fire from Gods and offered it to humans.  
Centaur made Prometheus immortal.
The stories told by the fireside, the pan filling the house with savory flavors, the tray with festive cookies, the fireplace in front of which each gesture becomes romantic ...
Here is what makes your house a warm place.
Here is what's really worthy to live for, to enjoy, to perpetuate.
Beyond figures and stock quotations, beyond Internet, remote controls and credit cards, we need warmth.
Without Prometheus we would have remained cold.
Centaur understood it first and brought immortality to our every day fire.
He is the one who understood that fire, given to humans, lights and warms their life.
VES is the Centaur
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